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Gather at my Table

Gather at my Table

Come Gather at my Table to re-create one of our prized edible forest feasts and tablescapes.  Making best use of nature's Autumnal/Winter bounty you'll spend a magical afternoon and evening in our candlelit old mill kitchen - cooking and baking and practicing your photography and styling skills with me, Carole (owner of Lazy Sunday and Pebble and Pine Creative).

We'll dine within a magical autumn/winter foraged forestscape -   the stunning backdrop to the feast created by us all  and which will delight the senses and prove that we really do feast with our eyes.

At the end of a day in which everything will be beautiful, you'll leave with full  hearts, a beautiful box of edible forest treats, and a bespoke Lazy Sunday 'seed head embellished' ceramic platter. And, we hope, the inspiration to create something magical in your own home or creative space.

This is a truly hands on and immersive experience and we know that you will each bring your own perspectives to our collective table. We all see differently and sharing how you 'see' and create with others will enable everyone to be both inspired and inspiring. 

 More than anything - after these challenging months of worry and concern - I'd love to think that joining us on one of our 'Gather at my Table' musters will be totally absorbing for you ; and that both time and cares will disappear for a while  as we work together to create something beautiful in the moments where autumn and winter meet.


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