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The essence of Autumn - styling the season

The essence of Autumn - styling the season

I’m one of those people who is always utterly consumed by the seasons an maybe that’s why I’ve enjoyed being part of the creative wedding industryAutumn brings me the greatest joy and I love the fading of summer tones, to be replaced by the russets and the browning greens, and the mustards and the greys

These sometimes overwhelming shifts often seem like new chapters to me and I step into each new page uncertain of what lies ahead but hopeful that things will be fine. 

This Autumn feels not quite the same as ones that have gone before. There is uncertainty in the   breeze as we all negotiate this strangest of years and yet still the leaves keep turning and the morning and the evening skies – and that delicious Autumn light – turn marshmallow pink. 

I think that maybe the seasons keep us grounded. We know where we are in the passing of time, even if what we trust as normal is not so much anymore. So I find myself in my little studio den, bringing the sense of the season indoors: Bottles filled with seedheads; little vignettes of fallen leaves and dried sunflowers; colour charts in shades of rust and mustard. Candles lit. 

Actual styling (for work and for pleasure and for the joy of inspiration) also boasts a seasonal shift. My lovely west coast neighbour and friend Gill (of Love Dove Studios) and I have worked together for many years. Now we sometimes collaborate as Dove and Bumble and recently created a magical tablescape in a copse by a wood. Our purpose was to enjoy; to explore ideas together and to embrace the detail of this beautiful season. 

We came bearing different gifts and treasures – collected over the years; packed into baskets and wooden crates and driven across ancient landscape to Moine Mhor. These woods and standing stones and peat bogs are our neighbours and to inhabit this magical space is such a gift. 

A day of styling might make the final ‘piece’ seem far out of reach for most of us. But you don’t need the collection of ‘stuff’ Gill and I collectively own to infuse your own living spaces with the essence of Autumn. Simple elements, brought inside: Seedheads, fallen leaves, sunflowers faded yet deepest brown at their core. Warm pumpkin soup or baked pumpkin pastries served inside or out. Candles and bonfires. 

To be grounded in the season that is requires not much more than the natural eye, truth be told. 



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