My Story

Hello! I’m excited that you’ve found me. Here. In my indulgent, happy, Scandi-maximalist space. Here. Where everything I enjoy to do comes together in one place. And here. Where if it tickles your fancy we can share some of the stuff of life that brings me joy and maybe will bring you joy too. We’re virtually sat around my reclaimed and scaffolded kitchen table if you will. Eating cake. Drinking tea.

My nutshell is a bit of a mix. I’m a cook, a stylist and a business owner with 15 years experience in the events and creative industry. I’m a photographer with a love for visual storytelling. I wrote a book that people bought and which today – many years later - you can buy on Amazon for 20p. I run retreats and workshops and gatherings with other creatives. And I play at art.

If you’re still here and scrolling along, you might be less than impressed to know that ‘getting rid’ is not something that comes easy to me. Familiar, loved, faded and beautiful ‘belongings’ that over the years have stolen my heart, still serve purpose today. I like Marie Kondo. But our drawers are very different.

I’m lucky to live a bit of a double of life – sometimes in beautiful Perthshire and often on the wild west coast of Scotland. Walking by the sea feeds my soul. Stepping through wooded landscape makes me breath more deeply. I wonder if it is the same for you?

I have grandchildren now. A boy and a girl. It is for this that I am most thankful. They literally melt my heart. And it feels very much like my kitchen table just got bigger. Pull up a chair.

Pebble and Pine Creative by Carole Fitzgerald